Most Recent Decisions

Title Date
20 Pension Claim, Mrs. A. S. Gregg May 01, 1944 Decision
21 Election of Missionary Bishops by General Conference April 30, 1944 Decision
17 Costs of Jurisdictional Committee of Appeals April 26, 1944 Decision
19 Distributions from Endowment Fund for Superannuates, Held by the Missouri Corporation April 25, 1944 Decision
18 C. M. Tyndal April 25, 1944 Decision
16 Status of T. H. Osborne, North Texas Annual Conference December 07, 1943 Decision
15 Constitutionality of Paragraph 231, Discipline 1940 December 07, 1943 Decision
14 Appeal of Board of Missions and Church Extension on Question of Responsibility of Pension of D. W. Nichols, et al. December 07, 1943 Decision
13 Recommendations for Apportionments for Conference Claimants by Annual Conference Board of Conference Claimants April 28, 1942 Decision
12 Authority of a Joint Distributing Committee Appointed Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1312 of the Discipline of 1939 April 28, 1942 Decision
11 Board of Trustees, Missouri Annual Conference April 28, 1942 Decision
10 Eligibility of Member of Annual Conference Board of Lay Activities to Membership on Annual Conference Commission on World Service and Finance April 27, 1942 Decision

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