Human Relations Day Pastor and Leader Kit

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This 2023 Special Sunday kit provides a full package of ready to use resources to help your church celebrate Human Relations Day and define how we give, why we give and the impact we make through connectional efforts.

All resources are available in digital format and we encourage you to use them in the best format that works for your church. For suggestions on how to use the material, check out the How to Guide or for those who value a schedule, the planning calendar is the perfect way to consolidate all the opportunities. This year, the official date for Human Relations day is January 15, 2023, but we encourage you to celebrate on a day that works best for your church. 

For those who still appreciate print resources, we have a special envelope and pew cards that can be ordered here or you can call at 1-800-991-6011 to place an order. The resources are for you to engage in the ministry of Human Relations Day.

YOU impact communities!

So far in 2022, you have given $244,058 towards ministries that will be funded through the Human Relations Day Special Sunday offering. Because of you, we are able to change lives through social justice ministries and outreach through Community Developers, Volunteer Service and Youth Offender Rehabilitation Programs. 

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