[EM]POWERED: Linking Faith and Technology

The [em]POWERED initiative delivers messages of opportunity, hope and healing and provides technology and training in a culturally relevant context.

Many of our global neighbors have little or no access to outside information and modern tools of technology. Lack of information means not just being out of the loop, but continually falling behind. Information poverty in today's world is debilitating and will continue to have social, economic, and governance impact on communities and countries.

Insufficient communications systems and infrastructures prevent people across the globe from accessing and distributing messages of opportunity, hope and healing. Global Communications Technology (a United Methodist Communications program) is committed to leveling the playing field, and building upon our past track record for success in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D). This can be achieved by delivering to communities everywhere the tools necessary to share life-changing and life-saving messages.

By linking faith and technology the [em]POWERED initiative provides equitable access to timely and effective communication tools. It helps us to live into our call to serve and be in connection with our brothers and sisters across the global United Methodist Church.

To learn more and be in partnership with us, visit: https://www.ResourceUMC.org/Empowered.

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