General Conference 2020: Proposed plans

A Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation is the newest proposal for the reorganization of The United Methodist Church. It will be offered to delegates to General Conference 2020. Authors of most of the other plans below were part of the group developing the compromise proposal.

Use the links to read each of the major proposals as well as a downloadable comparison chart. Plans shown here – other than the Protocol – are listed in alphabetical order and do not include proposals from individuals. All proposals will be open for amendments during the May 5-15 General Conference and may be subject to Judicial Council review.

Members of the Mediation Team. Courtesy of Council of Bishops. 2020.

Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation

Representatives of advocacy groups with contrasting views and bishops from around the world collaborated on and unanimously support a compromise proposal for the separation of The United Methodist Church.

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A group of centrist, progressive and traditionalist church leaders have come up with a plan for The United Methodist Church to separate amicably into two or more denominations. It's called the Indianapolis Plan, after where the group met. Photo by William Sturgell, courtesy of Pixabay; graphic by UM News.

"New Denominations"(Indianapolis Plan)

This plan envisions the creation of new expressions — traditionalist, centrist/progressive and progressive — that will share a common heritage from the roots of Methodism.

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UM-Forward is proposing a plan to the 2020 General Conference that would split the existing United Methodist Church into four new denominations. Image courtesy of UM-Forward.

"New Expressions Worldwide (N.E.W)" 

Proposed by UMForward, this legislation would dissolve The United Methodist Church and form four new global denominations instead — traditionalist, moderate, progressive and liberationist.

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UMCNext, a coalition that includes Reconciling Ministries Network, Uniting Methodists and Mainstream UMC, has offered a plan that would end The United Methodist Church's restrictions against same-sex weddings and LGBTQ ordination and offer a gracious exit to local churches that disagree with those changes.

"Next Generation UMC" (UMCNext)

This plan would eliminate the Church’s restrictions against LGBTQ ordination and same-sex weddings, while allowing local churches that disagree to depart and organize into new forms of Methodism.

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The Connectional Table is publishing in English its legislative petition to create a U.S. Regional Conference, as well as a one-page frequently asked questions sheet and a narrative booklet. Image courtesy of the Connectional Table.

“U.S. Regional Conference” (Connectional Table)

The Connectional Table plan would create a new decision-making body for U.S. matters — a place for United Methodists to vote on clergy pensions, retirement plans, property matters, resolutions and other initiatives that solely affect the United States

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UMNews coverage

Chart summarizes and compares proposals to General Conference 2020 about the future of The United Methodist Church. Graphic by Laurens Glass, UM News.


Comparison of plans headed to GC2020

This handy chart compares the main proposals for restructuring of the denomination that will be considered by the General Conference.

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