I saw the signs (Screencast Part 1)

In this age of navigational apps, it's impossibly frustrating when the IRL (in real life) world still gets us lost. Personally, I've stared long and hard at an elevator button panel translating garage floors to the connecting building floors and wondered where I'll end up, i.e. 3 Garage ➔ 6 Walkway ➔ 2 Hospital. 

In this, part one of a three-part screencast, we focus on the details that make up enduringly effective church signs, including:

  • visibility
  • accuracy
  • clarity
  • legibility
  • size

(19 minutes)

Ready to learn more? Listen to part two to learn about interior signs.


Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling

Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling is part of a husband-wife duo working to help the church embody 1 > 99 at brokensheep.com. She has been a pastor of growing churches in urban, suburban and rural settings for over 17 years, helping turn around churches after years of decline.



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