UMCGiving Evergreen Resources

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Here is a collection of resources that we just didn't want to discard. Use them in your worship services, bible classes, devotions or for your own private reflections.

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Special Sundays Resources

Special Sunday Fundraising Ideas

HRD Sunday:

Children's Sermon (baby picture)

Children's sermon (Heavy books)


Sermon Starter - Matthew 5:9

Worship Resource

UMCOR Sunday:

Children's Sermon (Crayons)

Children's Sermon (Helpers)

Children's Sermon - Walk Humbly

Children's Sermon - Act Justly

Children's Sermon - Love and Mercy

Children's Sermon - Building Blocks


Sermon Starter - Luke 3:11b

Worship Resource - Walk Humbly

Worship Resource - God's Steadfast Love

NAMS Sunday:

Children's Sermon (Gift Box)

Children's Sermon (Quilt)

Devotion Changer Prayer

Devotion When Native American Broke my Heart

Devotion Massacre Site

Devotion On This Journey

Devotion Christ is our Guide

Devotion Living Stones

Devotion Honoring the Creator


Sermon Starter - Mark 4:34-41

Call to Worship Resource

PWJ Sunday:

Children's Sermon (Prizes)

Children's Sermon (2 Apples)

Litany - God Created All

Litany - Band-Ads Are Not Enough

Litany - Show Us God


Sermon Starter

Sermon Band-Aids Are Not Enough

Worship Resource

WC Sunday:

Children's Sermon (Bring Globe)

Children's Sermon (Brring Bread)


Sermon Starter Psalm 31:3

Worship Resource

UMSD Sunday:

Children's Sermon

Talking Points

Worship Resource - God's Steadfast Love


Apportion Funds Resources

Africa University Fund
Talking Points

General Administration
Fund Talking Points

Cooperation Fund
Talking Points


Generosity Resources

Sermon Starter Giving: A Contagious Attitude

Sermon Starter Giving: A Pursuit of Happiness
Sermon Starter Giving: A Delight For Us
Stewardship Reflections