Update your Find-A-Church profile

Oakdale United Methodist Church, Deshler Ohio. Photo by Mike DuBose.
Oakdale United Methodist Church, Deshler Ohio. Photo by Mike DuBose.

Developed by United Methodist Communications, Find-A-Church helps you to connect with busy people in your community on their terms, on their time and in their comfort zone. It also serves as a companion to your church’s existing website — giving you twice the local visibility online.


To update, first search for your church and click the Update Church Information button at the bottom.


For help, view these video tutorials:

  • Overview: Find-A-Church offers a quick and easy way to find your worship services, events and ministries, and connect with you.
  • Church Details: Includes the primary contact information for the church.
  • Welcome: Include driving directions, and personalized messages to welcome visitors. Email [email protected] to update your church photo
  • Social Media: Add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other social media accounts. Link to a podcast or live stream of worship service.
  • Events & Ministries: email [email protected]
  • Clergy: List appointed clergy currently associated with your church.

Find-A-Church is the official online directory of United Methodist churches in the United States. It is one of the most visited sections of UMC.org, averaging more than 1,000 page views a day.

You’ll achieve the best results from your Find-A-Church profile when you update your church’s information. Here are five reasons why:

  • An updated profile is more relevant to your visitors’ needs.
  • You can link to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram and Flickr accounts
  • Visitors can search activities through the online calendar.
  • As worship schedules change (Christmas, Easter, etc.), you can edit as needed.

Find-A-Church and Rethink Church

Rethink Church is about discovering ways to live your faith and understanding that church can happen anywhere. Find-A-Church is a companion to Rethink Church, helping connect seekers with congregations in their areas that matches their interests.

Our national advertising campaign for Rethink Church sends visitors to https://www.umc.org/rethink-church to connect with local churches through volunteer opportunities and Find-A-Church.

So be sure to take full advantage of all Find-A-Church features and link to Rethink Church. Update your Church Profile today!