GCSRW Creedal Statement

We are unique human beings 

linked with all of creation 
and gathered from diverse places
to share a ministry faithfully, 
to raise questions hopefully, 
to work for justice lovingly.

In whom and in what do we believe?

We believe in God
eternal yet ever-moving One,
who creates and is creating,
who keeps covenant with humankind, 
who sets forth before us the ways of life and death.

We believe in Jesus, the Servant-Advocate, 
who lived the way of dying/rising
who embodied justice and reconciliation, 
who, with authority, calls us to share this way and this embodying.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, sustaining 
Presence and transforming Power, 
who dwells among us in clarity and in mystery, 
who inspires us individually and corporately, 
who challenges, prods, emboldens.

We believe in the Church, 
community of faith and caring, 
covenant and promise,
Which nurtures our pilgrimage, and 
through we are called to be witnesses 
to God’s truth, love,and justice.

We believe our believing affects
our daily walking and talking,
our doubting and struggling,
our decision and choice-making,
our responses to persons and systems.

We intend in this community in these days 
to raise questions hopefully,
to work for justice lovingly,
to share ministry faithfully,
and, by God’s grace,