General Commission on Status and Role of Women Annual Conference Resources


AC COSROWs are in the unique position to make incredible change within their respective annual conferences. GCSRW strives to equip AC COSROWs to be able to do the work in their local contexts. Find AC COSROW specific resources to help your annual conference advocate for the full inclusion of women at all levels of leadership.

Lunch and Learn with Us!

View previously recorded sessions of our Lunch and Learn series.

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How To Get Your AC COSROW Started

Strategies, ideas and themes for your COSROW committee to advocate and foster awareness of women's issues.

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Worship Ideas

Sample liturgies and ideas to adapt for your COSROW sponsored worship experience.

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Why Inclusion Matters

This presentation will empower your COSROW with the tools for doing this great work.

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How to Lead a COSROW Listening Session

Learn how to facilitate a collaborative dialogue to inform, educate and shape your COSROW's work.

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Action Ideas Calendar

Planning ideas that are informed by the quadrennial calendar of the church.

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Plenary on Gender Justice

A training session on overcoming cultural, structural and policy barriers.

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Annual Conference Monitoring Forms

Downloadable forms for use during annual conference monitoring sessions.

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GCSRW Projects and Training Videos

Leadership Projects and Training Videos.

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