Media Crisis Training

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Media Crisis Training

This highly interactive workshop focuses on effective crisis communications-both internal and external-and development of essential skills for successfully handling media interviews during a crisis. It also provides in-depth information on crisis planning, prevention and response and how social media can contribute to a crisis.

This one-day workshop is vital for anyone whose responsibility includes identifying and responding to a crisis, and who may speak directly to the news media.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Create a crisis plan

  • Provide an immediate response in a crisis

  • Develop effective strategies for use in managing a crisis

  • Earn trust and build credibility

  • Identify audiences and create an immediate communications strategy

  • Develop clear communications goals and key messages to support them

  • Present effectively on television and in person, including use of body language, eye contact, voice, and dress to support one's message

  • Get desired quotes in news stories and reduce the chances of being misquoted or taken out-of-context

  • Avoid pitfalls and handle hostile questioning from the news media

  • Prevent critical mistakes that can cause long-term reputation damage

Participants will practice planning crisis response, and will get on-camera experience answering reporters' questions during simulated crises. The interviews are followed by individual and group critiques.

Participants will also receive valuable take-home materials, including a reference guide on crisis communications, templates, coaching materials, practice crisis scenarios, information needed to prepare a crisis plan, and a video of their on-camera interviews.

Before the training, each participant will be asked to complete an individual needs assessment questionnaire, to help in understanding each person's experience and role in the organization.

Training Highlights:

Fundamentals of crisis planning, basic crisis communications strategies, developing effective messages, hands-on exercises, interview practice sessions and interviews while on camera, development of an organizational crisis plan, reaching your audiences, more on-camera interviews and feedback.

Participation is limited to ten persons.

For more information, contact Diane Degnan at 615-742-5406 or [email protected].

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