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With children seemingly spending more time online than ever, it's important that we protect them from internet dangers. That holds true for church youth ministries as well. Thankfully, there are ways to use technology safely in kids’ ministry. Photo by Giu Vicente courtesy of Unsplash.


Three ways to use tech in your kids' ministry

Kids spend more time online than ever. Instead of swimming against the stream, here are three ways your church can use technology in your children’s ministry.


MyCom Podcast

MyCom Podcast Ep. 085: Using AI in Ministry

On this episode of the MyCom Church Marketing podcast, Dan explores how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way churches engage with their congregations. This episode discusses the different ways AI is already being used in our lives and how churches can experiment with these tools to enhance outreach efforts and support their ministries.

Church leaders often fail to ask members of their congregation to recommend their church via social media platforms. You can change that by giving congregants what they need to easily make those social recommendations.


7 tips to draw visitors with social media

Though we often ask people to invite their friends to church, churches tend to miss asking them to recommend their church via their social-media platforms. Here's how to make that happen.


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