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  • Explain the struggles women face and teach skills for eradicating sexism
  • Offer workshops and meet with leadership to share with them information about women’s issues, leadership and the history of women in the church
  • Learn more about women’s issues with a book, class or by following the General Commission
  • Utilize the free, downloadable curriculum GCSRW develops in your Annual Conference or local church setting
  • Host a workshop or luncheon highlighting women’s issues, including history, leadership, and global concerns
  • Lead one of the free online studies like “Women Called to Ministry” or “God of the Bible
  • Host a workshop at a conference celebrating how women’s leadership is good for everyone else
  • Provide scriptural, historical and cultural support for women’s leadership
  • Distribute resources and tell your bishop, district superintendent, Board of Ordained Ministry, pastors, lay leaders, conference publications about existing great studies, books, pamphlets, websites, etc.
  • Learn more about women’s concerns by following GCSRW on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribing to our newsletters. Encourage other women in your church or annual conference to do the same. 

If you would like to connect with COSROW leaders in your Annual Conference; learn more about planning actions; start a COSROW in your conference, church, or district; or seek information about the General Commission, email GCSRW at [email protected].