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Clergy Resources

Whether you are clergy walking with victims, the accused,  or you have been accused, the following resources will guide you in the next steps.

Finding Help

What should you do if you are accused of misconduct of a sexual nature? On the Finding Help page we share the 3 important things that you should know.
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Responding Well to Sexual Misconduct Complaints- A Handbook for District Superintendents

The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women continues to provide trainings and consultation to clergy and judicatory leaders around the chargeable offense of sexual misconduct. This resource is intended for District Superintendents and other Annual Conference leadership looking to respond to sexual misconduct complaints with care.
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Can a Clergyperson be Restored to Ministry after Sexual Misconduct?

Article including a list of ten conditions necessary for favorable consideration of restoration to active ministry by a recovering clergy sexual offender.
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Compassionate Listeners

Compassionate Listeners   If you are planning an event on topics that may trigger emotions about personal experiences – abuse, grief, divorce, etc., consider including a Compassionate Listeners program in your planning and leadership. A Compassionate Listener is someone with the gift of hearing with love the personal struggles of others and who has been […]
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