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Launch your Website Training

Launch Your Church Website Training

Launching Your Church Website focuses on going beyond just having a church website to effectively implementing a broader online presence. We will cover the tools to plan, build, and launch a successful online strategy that helps people connect with your church in a new way. With people living a big part of their lives online, what does this transition to an online world mean for the church?

This course will cover the basics of creating your church website. However, this course also looks at going beyond just having a church website focusing on how to effectively implement a broader online presence. By engaging your audience online first, you extend your reach beyond Sunday services and expose your audience to your message before they visit your church.

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Find-A-Church helps you to connect with busy people in your community on their terms. It also serves as a companion to your church’s existing website.

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 Email’s death has been greatly exaggerated as it moves deep into middle age. Image by Antonio Doumas,


Email is thriving at middle age

You may hear, “No one uses email anymore.” Frankly, email’s death has been greatly exaggerated.


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