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Image of photographer’s equipment by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash.
Image of photographer’s equipment by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash.

Get tips, images and see examples of storytelling through photography with these helpful features from the United Methodist Communications team.


AssetBank Media Library
Need a photo? United Methodist Communications has a searchable media library of images that can be downloaded and used in your ministry efforts with proper crediting. To access the full catalog, create a free account and get searching!

The storytelling power of photography 
Photography is a powerful tool that can cut across barriers of language, culture and even literacy.


How to create a slideshow video with Google Photos or Apple Photos
A slideshow video — a montage of photos and videos set to music — is a perfect way to preserve your memories and create a lasting memento to share with others. Thanks to mobile apps such as Apple Photos and Google Photos, creating a slideshow video on your smartphone is easier and faster than you may think.


6 digital photography tips to upgrade your ministry communications
In this age of digital photography, you don’t need to own a $1,000+ camera to make your images on your church website and in your communications more engaging and personal.

Taking inviting photos of your church
Carelessly photographed church pictures can convey a negative message. Here are techniques for capturing photos that will welcome people before they ever set foot in the doors.

Capturing better smartphone photos
You can take great photos with your smartphone. This training will help you maximize your smartphone's capabilities and help you make up for the limitations of smartphone cameras.

Tips for making better travel photos with a smartphone
Move from the mindset of “taking pictures with your phone” to treating your smartphone as the high-end camera it is. Here are best tips.

Photography as a spiritual discipline
Photography is a powerful tool that can cut across barriers of language, culture and even literacy. 

DIY family holiday photo tips
UM News photographer Mike DuBose helps us to capture quality images of holiday memories.

Assembling UM News' Year in Photos packages
Peek behind the scenes of UM News' 2020 review in pictures.

Water is Life photo essay
Millions of people spend almost every moment of their lives seeking water. Experience a sampling of this experience with this photo essay photography from our photojournalist, Mike Dubose.


Ministry on the River photo essay
The Rev. Wayne "Wayner" Dickert, a 1996 U.S. Olympic kayaker and United Methodist pastor, has run a riverside worship service on the Nantahala River for 15 years. The ministry collects money for clean water projects in Haiti and has helped install 135 wells so far. Our United Methodist News team tells the story in a special multimedia presentation with captivating photography.


Storytelling through photography is a ministry. United Methodist Communications uses photos and photography instruction to inform, encourage, motivate, inspire and engage followers of Christ--and we are resourcing churches to do the same. These efforts require financial support. If you believe in our mission, consider a tax-deductible donation to the work of United Methodist Communications through its Foundation at


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